Apple Pom Cranberry Hot Pepper Jelly!

A good friend of mine bought some jelly somewhere and she loved it… and she wanted to clone it.   Well, she asked me to do it and I never even tasted the jelly but I thought I’d give it a go.

So, here is what I did:

5 cups fresh apple juice (although they call it cider, because it’s not filtered or preserved in any way)

2 cups Pomegranate juice (store bought: Pom Juice with no additives or sugar)

10 oz dried cranberries (I used two 5 oz pkgs of Craisins)(they have added sugar and oil, so not a good diet food)

1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

10 cups sugar

1 pouch liquid Certo

Put sugar in pan and then added the craisins, pom juice and apple cider.   Start stirring and then bring to a boil and cook until all the dried cranberries have plumped up.  Add Certo and boil for another 3 min.  I wanted to make sure it would set up, and I was worried so I checked it twice by dribbling a bit on a cold saucer.  It sets up just fine.  Just cook it plenty to plump up those dried cranberries.

Ladle into prepared jars etc, like you normally would do with jelly or jam.  The cranberries will float, so the last few jars may not have any in.  This recipe made 12 half pint jars and a little left in the pan!

How I would change this recipe:

Use more cranberries!  And chop the heck out of them first.  Oh, and then soak them in apple juice overnight to plump up.     Then I would measure the juice and cranberries to get a better idea of how much I was making.  I think I’d water down the fresh apple juice by about 1/3 and use more pomegranate juice, too.  Plus, because I didn’t know this was a Hot Pepper Jelly… I’d put in way more hot pepper flakes…. or just go down to my garden and get a couple red jalapenos.  I’d up the dried pepper flakes to at least 1 teaspoon, though.

When or IF I try this again, this is what I will do:

Big bag of generic dried cranberries, chopped  (I don’t remember the size but it was a nice big bag)

Apple juice to cover those and soak overnight, but no more than just to cover and soak.  Measure this and make sure it’s about 4 cups.  Then add a cup of water to thin out the apple juice a bit.

16 oz. Pom juice

1 teaspoon or more of red pepper flakes.

Sugar and pectin.  Sugar should be about 9 cups to 7 cups of fruit mix.  You can adjust but if you go way over it may not set.  If you use too much pectin with too little fruit mix, your jelly will be hard as a rock.  This is general for anything with apple juice, which has plenty of pectin.  I never do things in a small way… so this recipe will probably be a full case of half pints.

Measure apple/cran mix to be about 5 cups and add pom juice.  Add sugar to equal 2 cups more. (9 cups)  Bring to boil, cook until full rolling and add certo.  Boil until it tests to set, and then fill canning jars as usual and process etc.

Oh, and if you make this you HAVE to post back here how you liked it, if you liked it or not.  :)

Your mileage may vary, this may not pertain to you…  but if you make this and hate it, don’t come crying.




Oh, PS!  I think this will make a lovely ham glaze!



One Response to “Apple Pom Cranberry Hot Pepper Jelly!”

  • I would use fresh cranberries, not dried, and probably give them a whirl in the food processor to leave very few big chunks. Buy them at the end of the holiday season and freeze ’em.

    If I ate preserves more than a few times a year I’d probably give this a shot. I do love the tang that cranberries offer.

    That reminds me, I have a #10 can of cranberry puree to make wine with.