Finally something new!

Quick, before I head to bed. :)

I made a clock for my MIL Patsy back in May, and took it to her when I visited June 1. But I had a hard time with it… I got carried away with stickers and it looked like something a child would do. I had to do it over before it was acceptable to be a gift. Patsy still has the little CD dragonfly clock I made her years and years ago… it no longer works, but it goes with another wall decoration so well that it still is hanging. I was going to just replace the clock works, but I decided to make her a new clock.

Anyhow… photos please! This is of the first version, and missing quite a few stickers because I forgot to take a photo before starting to take it apart. Ugly!


Some bits I liked… like the one multi butterfly stamp I’ve had for years. I have LOTS of ink colors and how about just a giant flock of butterflies? So that’s what I did.


The whole clock set up was from a framed and glassed in clock that didn’t work… I repainted the frame and cleaned the whole thing up nice and replaced the clock works. On the back now is the stamping from the first version along with my little printing along the bottom with names and dates.

Oh, and I did the stamping on white mulberry paper with Brilliance ink and then adhered it to white painted fiberboard with Golden Gel Medium. That gel medium was the perfect thing to glue the paper down with.

Sorry I forgot to take any photos of the completed clock in the frame and all… but at least you get to see my infantile efforts at being an artist. :)


2 Responses to “Finally something new!”

  • Wow, that turned out so cute. I had no idea you made clocks. Is there anything you can’t do? I swear…

    Do you sell the clocks? I would love to get one.
    It should have ravens or spiders or something else scary. ;-]

    • Vyx:

      Wednes, I can do spiders. Not really detailed, and the same basic shape in a few sizes… including one in a web. If all you want is a cd clock, I’ll do one for your birthday. :) Cds come in different colors, but they also paint pretty nicely. I have orange and purple, plus the ordinary colored ones. Flat black looks good… with silver spiders… :) Suggestions welcome. :)